Trucking Program...

As part of the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy, the ports of Seattle, Tacoma and Metro Vancouver adopted guidelines in 2008 for reducing the air emissions from trucks, in addition to ships and cargo handling equipment operating in and around our harbors.

Currently, trucks entering container terminals must have a model-year 1994 or newer engine, have a valid Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, and be registered in the Port of Seattle Drayage Truck Registry.

For the next phase of the port’s Clean Truck Program, drayage trucks entering container terminals will need to have model-year 2007 or newer engines by January 1, 2018.

To encourage employment, Greenfield Institute has identified a need to provide trucks to low income and socially disadvantaged groups and are working with local and national trucking companies to acquire and provide reduced prices on donated semi-trucks that meet the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy requirements.

Our program includes a comprehensive analysis of the applicants eligibility to participate in the program, budget preparation, and assistance with obtaining the applicable business licenses, documentation and insurances required in the State of Washington.

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