Greenfield Institute is implementing its vision in collaboration with a host of public, private and community partners. Your engagement is vital to our vision. With your support, Greenfield Institute can continue to support and engage local communities through partnerships and grants. Greenfield Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization and your contribution is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

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for 2017/2018

Greenfield Institute is working in collaboration with members of the community so that we can best address their most pressing needs and concerns. The following are several areas we have identified that are in need of focus and your contributions can help us reach the targets necessary to fund these programs.

Capacity Building - For a Reason

Greenfield Institute is expanding services to communities and individuals identified as underserved or unserved in both urban and rural communities. We are committed to:

  • Creating jobs; preventing unnecessary foreclosures;
  • Providing pre- and post-purchase certifications;
  • Addressing and resolving Landlord/Tenant matters;
  • Identifying and reporting Fair Housing violations;
  • Developing affordable and sustainable housing;
  • Working with senior citizens to avoid predatory lenders and scammers;
  • Providing best practices in integrating housing counseling, including direct disaster services, awareness, and disaster preparedness;
  • Bringing state-of-the-art training opportunities to our communities and national partners.

Local, state, and national agencies trust us to assist them in understanding a diverse array of housing issues in their communities and researching and implementing solutions to their obstacles.  We have adopted the National Industry Standards for Housing Counseling, and we are in the process of seeking direct HUD approval. In the interim, we are working thorough a HUD approved Intermediary to provide direct client services.

We believe that the development of strategies for improving nonprofit capacity is a critical element in enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Providing Direct Services - For a Season

As stated in our capacity building priority we offer a variety of services which also include adherence to the federally mandated six core competencies for HUD certified housing counselors: Financial Management, Housing Affordability, Fair Housing, Homeownership, Avoiding Foreclosure, and Tenancy. Although the mandate allows housing counselors 3 years to pass their certification and receive their certificate, all our housing counselors have already taken the training and testing required.

This is an opportunity for you for you to sponsor and individual counselor or specific program in training, testing, and application of these new and expanded level of services.

Longevity - For a Lifetime

Sustainability requires a commitment to excellence, fiscal responsibility, strategic funding alliances, and charitable donations. In order to further our mission to the people and communities we serve it is imperative that we have sufficient year round funding to avoid interruptions in our services and for credibility purposes.

Please consider becoming a long term financial contributor to advance the mission an purpose of Greenfield Institute through one or more of our long term donation options.




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