Empowering community and housing collaborations through real estate counseling, education, and outreach.


Greenfield Institute was birthed through the vision and efforts of many different peoples. The name originates from land that had never been built. In this day of modernization, the concepts of open spaces, and pristine green fields, are fleeting memories for many gentrified communities.

At Greenfield Institute, our goals incorporate the philosophy of “open space” combined with our approach to expansive learning. The concepts surrounding are courses focus on practical application and monetizing for sustainability. Simply put, we want each attendee to find a value add proposition in taking time from their schedule to enrich their personal growth.

While our primary goals include serving low to moderate income individuals, and households, we provide training and services to nearly every facet of the real estate and non-profit communities.


Randall Lowell

Executive Director

John Kilpatrick

Director of the Training Academy

Cliff Lipscomb

Director of International Development

Jonathan Putman

Director of Strategic Development

Lisa Mc Sherry

Director of Administration

Denise Hemphill

Director of Finance

+1 (206) 387-4333


Greenfield Institute

2101 4th Ave, Suite 820

Seattle, WA 98121

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